Thursday, February 27, 2014

Longing for Spring

With the winter Olympics over (GO CANADA!) and a tease of a warmish weekend, I can't help but start looking to the florals and pastels, longing for spring for real.

Here are some of my favourite things recently.

3. Printed Canvas Oxfords by Gap (Sold out in my size, obviously)

Prepping for One of a Kind is still going strong although I think I might be pushing myself too hard. Last night I took it easy, went to bed early and I am going to do what I can to stay on schedule. The next few weeks are going to be busy so if I fall behind for a couple days that's okay.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What's Happening?

As predicted, with OOAK around the corner (42 days ahhhh) the poor blog gets neglected because I've been too busy getting all my ducks in a row. I'm very glad I took a week in January to just think about it.

What will my display look like? What's my budget? What about packaging? How much should I make? What should I make? Should I use a new sign? Should I get new business cards? (Yes and yes.) What do I do about bringing my own seating? Who can I enlist to help me out?

You get the idea. A lot of thinking.

Once I got my inventory plan sorted and initial supplies purchased (round two happening this weekend!) then I really got to work. My goal was to leave weekends free for friends, supply shopping, business card designing etc. The reason for this is that I am notorious for wasting weeknights and now is the time to change. I will totally go home, change into pjs and just eat and watch TV all night. Especially in the winter because when I come home it's dark and I'm tired so there. But with OOAK looming I knew I had to get my act together so my plan became: only sew on weeknights. And it's working! I am making my weekly goals no problem by dedicating a couple hours a night to sewing. It's been tiring still, yes, but it's really working out so far.

Week 1: complete.

Week 2: cutting day.

Week 3: a mishmash of stuff.

I am in the middle of week 3 of my 8 weeks of sewing (leaving the last week of for moving in, grocery shopping, etc) and so far I don't feel stressed at all (knock on wood)! I went to an information session for OOAK back in October before I applied and people asked how much inventory to bring. Of course there is no set number. The organizers just said "make as much as you can" and that's exactly what I'm doing. That's all I can do!

So with my business cards ordered, a display plan in place, my inventory well on its way, I am feeling pretty great about the whole thing.

More updates to come!