Friday, April 30, 2010

Head Start

I love to crochet, especially giant afghans. I have made two since 2008, one per spring (photos coming in a future post!) but I have had a slow start with the afghan of 2010.

The original plan was to make a thick and chunky blanket out of butterscotch coloured yarn but unfortunately, the yarn alone would have cost me well over $100.00. Waaaay over budget. While looking for yarn deals online, I came across this pattern. Immediate inspiration. It is so straightforward yet beautiful. I have decided to make it with yellow yarn, in accordance with my recent obsession with yellow. Mmm... yellow.

Anyways, the yarn has been ordered but I do not expect it to arrive anytime soon so, in anticipation, I did a test run of the pattern and was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't difficult and it certainly wasn't boring. Here is the end result:

I had so much fun making this piece, I cannot wait until my yarn comes so I can make *counts* 48 more! Yikes!

20 Books

My friends and family know that I read a lot, but I thought it would be interesting to post a visual of just exactly how much. Using the Facebook program "Visual Bookshelf", I like to keep track of what books I read and when I read them.

SO. Here is a photo of all the books I read during the course of my internship (January 26 - April 23). Enjoy!

Of course, my little friends helped me out by standing in as bookends...