Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yellow Afghan: COMPLETION

Blog post for Jessica!

After 8 weeks, the yellow blanket of loveliness is complete! I bought 16 balls of yarn which was definitely too much for the original 48 pieces (6x8). This size was too small anyways so I pressed on and finished at 80 pieces (8x10) with 4 balls leftover!

Obligatory chair pose:

Horrible photograph of the whole thing:

Posing with the staircase:

And I just like this picture :P


Friday, June 25, 2010


It's amazing what a few weeks in the sun will do!



Geez blogger, could you kill these colours anymore?? See fb for better pics!

Ruffled Bib is by far one of the best websites around. A knitting and crocheting community full of patterns, photos, and yarn nerds from around the world. Not only a source of inspiration but also a means of organizing your projects, supplies, and joining groups in your community.

I found this pattern recently and just had to give it a try. Here are the results!

The colour is much more vibrant than shown (find me on Ravelry to see it better!), unfortunately it didn't translate here!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

More new friends.

One morning I peeked outside the kitchen window and found these two scuttling about! No idea why they chose our backyard for their morning walk but there you go. Pictures out of focus due to general excitement and sneakiness.

So cute! (crafty posts coming soon!)


A few weeks ago my mom and I went to Sheridan Nurseries and found this fantastic flower. The fuschia flower.

Here is a close up image of the flower itself:

We have waged war against the starlings ever since we caught them ripping up the fuschias! Evil evil birds!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


All righty! Here is a quickly thrown together collection of some amigurumi pieces I have made since the beginning of the year. I have not made one for myself but I do have a random assortment of photos of ones I have made others.

Here is the purple bird I made my supervisor for her birthday and the orange I made my friend for hers.

My lovely friend Jessica (gorgeous blog found here) has already made a post about a bird I made for her and this is photo she took:

And last but not least, the two I made for my parents:

It would be nice to get them all together for a group shot! Also, I really need one for my desk! Dare I make yet another?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Yellow Afghan: Progress II

Some quick photos of the progress of my yellow blanket!

This picture gives a good impression of size so far!

I love this pattern.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Yellow Afghan: Progress

Yesterday was a glorious day. I returned home from work to see a large box of yarn awaiting me...

I set off to work straightaway!

Today involves more crocheting and Lord of the Rings boxsets. Perfection.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Garden Preview

This past Sunday, my mom and I spent about ten minutes outside before the sky ripped open and quickly forced us back in the house. Here are some photos of the garden so far.

More to come, hopefully!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Head Start

I love to crochet, especially giant afghans. I have made two since 2008, one per spring (photos coming in a future post!) but I have had a slow start with the afghan of 2010.

The original plan was to make a thick and chunky blanket out of butterscotch coloured yarn but unfortunately, the yarn alone would have cost me well over $100.00. Waaaay over budget. While looking for yarn deals online, I came across this pattern. Immediate inspiration. It is so straightforward yet beautiful. I have decided to make it with yellow yarn, in accordance with my recent obsession with yellow. Mmm... yellow.

Anyways, the yarn has been ordered but I do not expect it to arrive anytime soon so, in anticipation, I did a test run of the pattern and was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't difficult and it certainly wasn't boring. Here is the end result:

I had so much fun making this piece, I cannot wait until my yarn comes so I can make *counts* 48 more! Yikes!

20 Books

My friends and family know that I read a lot, but I thought it would be interesting to post a visual of just exactly how much. Using the Facebook program "Visual Bookshelf", I like to keep track of what books I read and when I read them.

SO. Here is a photo of all the books I read during the course of my internship (January 26 - April 23). Enjoy!

Of course, my little friends helped me out by standing in as bookends...